My Dad Taught Me Kindness | Blogs By Cess

They say, our parents are our first teachers. They are the first one to teach us things like shapes, letters, numbers, deceny and kindness.

Growing up, I am really close to my dad, whom I call dada. I always want to be with him. He is my best friend, my partner in trippings, my guidance councilor (lol) but above all, he is my father.

When I was a kid ( and until now that I am already 17 years old ) I’ve seen him give and be compassionate. I’ve seen him entertain people with his funny stories and jokes. He is the best story teller among his friends because he does not only tell but he also acts.

He doesn’t only show kindness to his relatives but also to the people around him. I saw people’s smiles and laughters when my father is around. I’ve seen their eyes twinkle because of gratefulness. And with pure honesty, it melts my heart.

I also heard a lot of positive comments about him. He is known for being friendly, joker, generous and approachable. No wonder why he is loved by many.

Honestly, I am not as kind as my dada. I always live in the thought of “Givers need to set limits because takers rarely do”Rachel Wolchin. The verse somehow contradicts what my dada believes in — A little spark of kindness can put a collossal burst of sunshine into someone’s day.

But, seeing him do humane acts makes me realize something, that he is indeed true. One act of kindness can change someone’s entire day. And little does he know that I want to be just like him.

I believe that my father is an instrument by God for sharing kindness and generosity.

We are all capable of being kind, not only through material things but also with the love, care and attention we can give.

Trust me, it feels great when you are showering kindness ♡

Just be kind.

xo, Princess


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